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170 Students in Barangay Sinunuc and 120 students in Mampang, Zamboanga City Received Free School Supplies from Humanity First Philippines

Anticipating the New School Year 2023, The sister organization of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Humanity First Philippine Inc. launches Education for Life program with the theme of ‘BALIK ESKWELA FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES’.

Humanity First distribute free school supply for 170 students at Elementary School. Each beneficiary will receive 5 notebooks, 3 pencils, 5 ballpoints, 1 box crayon, 10 pcs band papers and 1 plastic envelope.

This program was conducted in Peace Compound, home to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Inc., in Sinunuc, Zamboanga City on August 28, 2023, at 03:00 PM.

Earlier on Sunday, 27 August 2023 the same program conducted in Barangay Hall of Mampang and Noor Mosque in Kapok, Mampang where around 120 students received free school supplies. This program conducted by Ahmadiyya Community in Mampang, spearheaded by Tuan Faisal S. Heding.

Abdul Mukhlis, representative of Humanity First said: “Humanity First wants to help students who are in need of school supplies but their parents are unable to provide them adequately. Yesterday we conducted the same program in Mampang and in a few days we will also conduct the same program in Paranaque, Jolo and Siganggang, Pandami.

57 students at Elementary School in Butan, barangay Kajakian, Indanan, Jolo, received a package of free school supply from Humanity First Philippine today 3 September 2023.

The distribution was conducted in the center of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Jolo, spearheaded by Tuan Alfausi Arasani and Tuan Mohammad Razari.

Children patiently sitting while waiting for the distribution and seen very happy after taking their free school supply.

Today 3 September 2023, spearheaded by Tuan Arthur angeles Local Head of Ahmadiyya in Siganggang and Ustadz Abdulhalim Suhurun Missionary of the Community located at masjid Mubarak Siganggang, Pandami, Sulu around 65 students happily received 1 bag pack, 5 ballpoint, 5 notebooks, 3 pencils, 1 box color and 1 intermediate pad. The free package worth of two hundred sixty pesos.

Since early morning more than one hundred children and their parents already gathered in the vicinity of Masjid Mubarak.

Masjid Mubarak in Siganggang was developed by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Philippines in the last 1997s when many people in that area joined the community.

“Humanity First has a global program named “Knowledge for Life” Among its global program are building of new schools and vocational training centers, refurbishment of existing facilities, and empowerment of teachers and students to enable more children and youth to attain qualifications and to get themselves out of poverty."

The concept of Humanity First originates from a desire to provide aid on the basis of need alone, irrespective of race, religion, color or political allegiance. The Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad in one of his speeches said, "Humanity First was founded to serve mankind, irrespective of one’s beliefs or background. It was established to provide medical treatment and care to those who are afflicted with ill-health. It was established to protect and shelter orphans, and to help those engulfed in debt. It was established to feed those who are hungry, and to quench their thirst. It was established to provide relief to those who find their worlds turned instantly upside-down, following natural disasters and calamities, or who are living in desperation through no fault of their own."

Humanity First Philippines has been active in helping people in need and also disaster relief programs such as during Typhoon Ondoi, Flood in Cagayan De Oro and also during eruption of Taal volcano.


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