Abdul Mukhlis

November 16, 2020

Ahmadiyya Community in Siganggang celebrated Jalsa Siratun Nabi Muhammad SAW on November 16, 2020 in Ahmadiyya Mosque Siganggang village, Siasi. Earlier on October 31, 2020 Jamaat Pitogo, Sinunuc Zamboanga City also celebrated Jalsa Siratun in Baituz Dzikr mosque.

In Pitogo the program was started at around 1pm with recitation of the verse of the Holy Quran by Tuan Ismael Suparman and then Al Khalid Sioga recite an Urdu poem.

In his speech, Tuan Abdul Halim Suhurun Sahib, Missionary for Siganggang, Siasi explained how Islam has granted high status for women.

The second speech was by Tuan Abdul Mukhlis. He explained that the women should be very grateful to Allah and do their duties and responsibilities as outlined by Islam. He said that the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW has urged women to be grateful to their husband, train their children in a proper Islamic ways and women should create a harmony in the family, they should be trustworthy especially with the property of their husband.

Jalsa Siratun Nabi is celebrated to remind the Muslims of the life history of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and urge them to always follow his model example. Jalsa Siratun Nabi is not a celebration of birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

May we be enabled by Allah to abide by the model example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.