Abdul Mukhlis

November 14, 2020

On November 14,2020 members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Mampang, Zamboanga City celebrated Jalsa Siratun Nabi SAW.

The program was held to refresh the memory on the Holy Prophet SAW and study his life and character in order that Muslim should follow his model example how to become a true and good Muslims.

Three lectures were delivered during the event. After the recitation of The Holy Quran Surah Al Alaq by Tuan Ismael Suparman, Tuan Abdul Halim, Missionary and the Sadr of MKA Philippines, in his speech described the situation of Mecca before the advent of the Holy Prophet SAW. Tuan Felan S. Heding, Missionary and National Vice President of AMJ Philippines presented the account of the life of the Holy Prophet SAW from his childhood up to the time when he was appointed as Prophet by God and Tuan Abdul Mukhlis, a Missionary and National Secretary Taleem and Tarbiyat presented the account of the last pilgrimage of the Holy Prophet and His last Message which outlined the message of Islam to mankind.

The celebration was attended by both Ahmadis and non-Ahmadi brothers and sisters. According to Tuan Felan, Missionary in Mampang, due to the Covid-19, lest people were invited to the event in order to keep up with the health protocols.

An Ahmadi lady said that by attending such an event she was reminded about her duties and responsibilities as a Muslim woman especially in relation to her role as a wife and mother in her family. She said she is very grateful to Allah because through the Holy Prophet of Islam God has reinstate the rights of women and established the right to inheritance for women.

After the programme, participants were served with lunch. The event was concluded with offering congregational prayer.