Abdul Mukhlis

November 15, 2020

On Sunday morning, November 15, 2020. MKA (Ahmadi Youth) Pitogo resumed their regular program of Feeding Program for children in the neighbourhood.

This program actually was a monthly programme used to be held regularly before the pandemic COVID-19. “We try will continue this programme keeping in mind the health protocols during the Pandemic.” Said Tuan Gomar Bandahala, the Local Head of Ahmadi Youth in Sinunuc.

“You will see some children do not even wear face mask during the feeding program but we will keep on reminding them to wear mask in order the curb the spread of Corona Virus…” He continue.

Ahmadi Ladies in Pitogo once also provided free face mask to the neighborhood.

As usual, the Ahmadi youth volunteered themselves to cook Arrozcaldo and distributed it among children in Purok 9, Sinunuc. Today they were able to serve more than 80 chilkdren.

Children were impatiently standing in queue waiting for their turn to have arrozcaldo, then they sit in group along the road enjoying their share.