Nuruddin Razari, Simunul

November 28, 2020

“Due to prevalent situation f COVID-19, we initially expected around 50 participants, but with the grace of Allah the participants turned out to be around 100, among them two non-Ahmadi friends, who are Ustadz in the area.” Said Tuan Hadji Umar Lajarato, the National Secretary Maal who is a member of Jamaat Simunul.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Simunul successfully conducted Tarbiyat Program on November 28, 2020. the program was held in Masjid Baitul Awwal, Tampakan Simunul.

As usual the programme was started with recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran by Nashruddin Suhod followed with quotation from the sayings of the Holy Prophet by Bashiruddin Ahmad Jafar.This session was concluded eith the quotaion from the sayings of the founder of Ahmadiyya Muclim Community, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad by Hadji Al-Yushrie, Tarbiyat Secretary & Daid of Ahmadiyya Youth in Simunul.

There were various lectures given by the speakers. Tn. Wahid Ibrahim the Sec. Ishaat (Publication) gave lecture about certain Teachings of Islam; Tn. Hadji Omar Lajarato the National Sec. Mal (Treasurer) explained the Importance & blessing of Durood/ Salawat; Tn. Hadji Ismail General Secretary Jamaat Simunul Mangkabong shed a light on the topic the Importance and Blessing of Khilafat; Tn. Hadji Nursin Dalmasali National Ummuri Amma (General Affair - Livelihood & National Sec. for Education spoke about the Nizam (System) khilafat Ahmadiyya. This session was concluded with the speech of Tuan “Sultan” Saliyusa Suhod II who related the history of Ahmadiyya in Simunul.

In the last session of the program, our non-Ahmadi friend Ustadz Nahid Nur, Imam and Muallam in Barangay Tampakan gave his comments and remark followed by closing remark by Muallim Jamaat Ustadz Nuruddin Razari who expounded the general knowledge on Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and concluded the whole program with silent prayer in congregation.

The program was presided by Tuan Hadji Jaafar Alkilan. Snack and lunch were served afterwards with the help of Seaside Catering and Restaurant.